Heli Wine Experience

Journey into the taste of Italian excellence

A panoramic helicopter itinerary departing from the main cities and locations customizable according to individual requests and needs. An emotional and private journey flying over the wonderful Italian territory and its incredible hidden gems, reaching unprecedented and extraordinary locations, beautiful and timeless places. An experience of Italy at high altitude, exclusive and totally customizable according to your needs, reaching some of the most beautiful places and unparalleled charming sites on the Italian territory, through short, safe and comfortable journeys.

An exceptional, emotional, and private experience. A journey discovering the Italian volcanoes, its enchanting lakes, rivers and waterfalls, which with their constant flow over the centuries, have shaped the territories that they originated from. Visit splendid botanical gardens, beautiful paradises of incredible Italian biodiversity. A unique opportunity to experience unexpected emotions, flying over the peninsula and, in a few days, visiting the most beautiful and suggestive locations of Italy in a exclusive helicopter itinerary throughout Italy.

A unique journey visiting Italy, assisted by selected professionals exceeding your expectations and enabling you the most complete relaxation in refined and reserved environments, surrounded by the Italian history, culture, and authentic traditions. A unique experience in which you can make the most of your time and the precious moments amongst the eternal beauty of the Italian peninsula.

Experience features:

Location: All of Italy
Type of Helicopter: Single Engine and Twin Engine
Number of people per helicopter: from 2 to 8
When: All Year

An exclusive journey to combine with the following luxury experiences:

Heli Star Chef Experience

An enchanting culinary experience in the best Michelin starred and gourmet restaurants of Italy to taste the authentic Italian cuisine in all its expressions, in refined and welcoming environments

Heli Taste Experience

A journey through the tastes of the most authentic traditions experiencing the emotion of participating in the production of the gastronomic excellences of Made in Italy and tasting unforgettable flavours

Heli Wellness Experience

A journey to the most beautiful locations of wellness, where you can privately experience moments of authentic relaxation in carefully selected facilities for your well-being

Our proposals

Heli Wine Experience Bolgheri

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Bolgheri area

Heli Wine Experience Chianti

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Chianti area

Heli Wine Experience Montalcino e Montepulciano

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Montalcino and Montepulciano areas

Heli Wine Experience Franciacorta

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Franciacorta area

Heli Wine Experience Langhe e Monferrato

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Langhe area

Heli Wine Experience Valpolicella

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Valpolicella area

Heli Wine Experience Valdobbiadene

Helicopter Wine Tour with wine tasting in the Prosecco area

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