AM Turistic

Reliability and Professionalism for unique and exclusive emotions

AM Turistic is the high-end tourism brand for the Italian market. The AM Turistic brand was identified and acquired in 2022 by Casper Emotion srl as part of its development and growth plan aimed at promoting Italy as a worldwide destination to be implemented through the acquisition of prestigious brands already operating in the international market and the creation of new brands specifically designed to enhance the corporate identity.

Casper Emotion srl has set its entire development path on the inversion of the Italian tourism incoming paradigm, currently based on the promotion of locations and territories. Casper Emotion srl enhances the experiential component of the vacation and of the high-end tourist through the creation of innovative, unique and exclusive tourist offers, contextualized within extraordinary territorial realities and locations.

These offers provide a new experiential and emotional concept of luxury travel, with a strong awareness and emotional impact. They focus on the enhancement of the destination, the rediscovery of territories and roots, inland areas and medieval villages, art and culture, history and natural beauty, taste and flavors, health and wellness, and the immense and spectacular natural and scenic Italian heritage. The primary aim of Casper Emotion srl is to qualify and personalize tourist flows by redefining and redesigning the economy of the entire country.


Thanks to the use of the helicopter, AM Turistic offers True Luxury Global Travelers innovative experiences and exceptional and extraordinary emotions satisfying the deepest desires in a comfortable, safe, confidential, and exclusive way. Helicopter travel completely removes the barrier of distances and allows you to make the most of your time and experience the wonders that only Italy can offer.

Experiences are specifically crafted in synergy with all key players in the tourism supply chain, enhancing and promoting the authentic value of Made in Italy and Italy as a worldwide destination.