Heli Shopping Experience

A journey into fashion 'Made in Italy' style

A panoramic helicopter flight, departing from major cities and locations which can be customized according to requests and individual needs. An exclusive journey into beauty, flying over the stunning Italian territory, characterized by beautiful landscapes, magnificent vineyards, impressive castles, and medieval villages with their old-world charm, to reach all the most renowned and famous Italian shopping destinations in a short time and in absolute safety and relaxation.

Cities worthy of stars, in which to experience a journey into elegance and luxury, in locations filled with charm and beauty and in which the best Italian designers showcase their extraordinary creations and the garments that have made them world-famous. Collections made from precious yarns and fabrics, with unique details and finishes that have allowed these brands to gain recognition and popularity around the world, becoming ambassadors of the excellence of Made in Italy at a global level.

A truly personalized, exclusive, and private shopping experience, to be enjoyed behind closed doors in Italy’s most important and renowned fashion houses accompanied by a personal shopper who can advise and help you in your choices. Not to mention the historic workshops and artisan laboratories, places full of charm, of unique atmospheres, of passion and creativity. Locations where excellence is born, where you can admire the mastery of expert Italian fashion artisans, with decades of experience in ancient crafts and that bring Italian history and manufacturing tradition to life, day after day. An all-round experience of fashion in all its forms, which leads to the finished product, including the processing of leather sourced from the best tanneries, for the creation of customized garments of the highest quality, and up to touching and discovering the processes that lead to the creation of luxury jewelry, featuring refined design and 100% Made in Italy creativity.

Experience features:

Location: All of Italy
Type of Helicopter: Single Engine and Twin Engine
Number of people per helicopter: from 2 to 8
When: All Year

An exclusive journey to combine with the following luxury experiences:

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