Heli Art City Experience Naples

Naples, a thousand colors and a thousand wonders

A panoramic helicopter flight, departing from the main cities and locations customizable according to individual requests and needs, flying over the extraordinary territory of the Campania region. A land of unparalleled beauty, in which outstanding views come straight from the hills to the intense blue of the sea, a place where you can discover its fabulous castles and medieval villages hidden in the territory, its historical gems and the absolute charm of Vesuvius, reaching the enchanting city of Naples, through a short, safe and comfortable journey.

A strong and vibrant city, which has attracted artists who dedicated works and songs that  remain immortal over time. An exclusive and private trip to the most important artistic and cultural places of the city, from the San Carlo theatre to Castel dell’Ovo, from the Sansevero Chapel to the Cathedral of Naples, full of treasures and timeless beauty. In addition, you will have the possibility of a private visit to the most beautiful art galleries, residences and enchanting historic buildings in the company of their owners.

An experience full of emotions that enables you an intimate and private trip to one of the most beloved cities in the world, discovering hidden and inaccessible corners of this open-air museum through an exclusive experience of the beauty and color of this extraordinary city from every point of view.

Experience features:

Location: Naples
Type of Helicopter: Single Engine and Twin Engine
Number of people per helicopter: from 2 to 8
When: All Year

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