Heli Supercar Experience

Adrenalin, luxury and high-speed thrills

Panoramic Helicopter Flight departing from major cities and locations that can be customized according to individual requests and needs flying over the wonderful Italian territory and its enchanting scenic beauties scattered throughout the peninsula. An exclusive trip to reach the Italian Motor Valley, located in the enchanting territory of Emilia Romagna, through a short, safe and comfortable journey.

A true paradise for every racing and motor enthusiast but also for those who wish to take the extraordinary opportunity to privately and exclusively visit the fantastic treasures kept inside the museums of the car manufacturers that have made the history of Italian engines worldwide: such as Dallara, Pagani, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. A unique, exclusive experience with great emotional impact, leading to the discovery of the details that have made the cars of these Italian excellences famous and immortal, getting closer to the secrets and genius of their creators, perceiving their extreme passion and fully understanding the absolute importance that continuing education has in the world of motorsport.

An emotionally charged journey that culminates and concludes with a visit to the racetrack, to experience directly on the race track the pure adrenaline and magic of safely driving a Supercar accompanied by experienced drivers.

Experience features:

Location: Emilia-Romagna
Type of Helicopter: Single Engine and Twin Engine
Number of people per helicopter: from 2 to 8
When: All Year

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