Heli Star Chef Experience

A Michelin star flight through Italian flavors

Panoramic Helicopter Flight departing from the main cities and from locations customizable according to individual requests and needs. A high-altitude tour flying over the marvelous Italian territory and its incredible hidden beauties, from its magnificent vineyards to the evocative castles scattered here and there in each region, from the fascinating villages with ancient medieval origins, to the cities of art, and then reaching the best Starred and Gourmet Restaurants in Italy through a short, safe and comfortable journey. True excellence, where the best Chefs of the Bel Paese (“the beautiful country”) will give you a total and complete immersion in Italian cuisine.

A gourmet journey that catches every sense and knows how to delight you with unique nuances and scents, savoring creative dishes with a strong visual impact and authentic, rich, enveloping, and intense flavors. Unique, sharp, and distinct pairings can tell the story of the places they come from through the flavors to experience a real journey into authentic Italian taste and tradition. An exclusive itinerary among the excellence of the culinary and gastronomic heritage of the Bel Paese, skillfully shaped, reinvented, and recommended as true works of art by the best Italian Chefs.

An exceptional experience for you to enjoy a unique and unparalleled journey through the senses, to understand the philosophy that animates and inspires the great Chefs, and discover the deep soul of their creative cuisine, savoring the link between art, culture and Italian tradition within their dishes and retracing the evolution that has marked their identity.

An experience in taste with an exclusive character that can be lived even more deeply by letting these artists of Italian cuisine guide you in private, one-of-a-kind cooking classes.

Experience features:

Location: All of Italy
Type of Helicopter: Single Engine and Twin Engine
Number of people per helicopter: from 2 to 8
When: All Year

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