Heli Ballooning Experience

A unique experience aboard a hot-air balloon

A panoramic helicopter flight, departing from major cities and locations which can be customized according to requests and individual needs. A unique, exclusive trip that, flying over the marvelous Italian territory, its magnificent vineyards, evocative castles, and fascinating medieval villages dotting the entire peninsula, will take you in a very short time to the best and most beautiful places to experience a hot-air balloon flight.

Extraordinary and charming places where the masters of wind and air lead you on an exclusive panoramic flight in a hot-air balloon. A thrilling yet peaceful experience, letting the wind carry you into the immensity of the sky, flying over the beautiful cities of art, the sinuous hills that characterize the entire peninsula and its evocative medieval villages and impressive castles. 

A journey in a hot air balloon that affords you a unique experience, truly unforgettable from every point of view; a delight for your eyes as you admire breathtaking views in absolute silence, and also for your heart, evoking intense emotions. An intimate and exciting journey, in which you touch the sky with your fingertips and enjoy the view of the world from a completely different perspective. Experience the wonder of flight and the sense of peace of this deep and magnificent experience, observing the enchanting landscapes and the unparalleled spectacle of the Italian territory with a whole new vision.

A high-altitude luxury experience, to be enjoyed in total safety and accompanied by expert pilots, to experience exceptional emotions, where and whenever you wish.

Experience features:

Location: All of Italy
Type of Helicopter: Single Engine and Twin Engine
Number of people per helicopter: from 2 to 8
When: All Year

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